Friday, March 14, 2008

We really like you...but not for this job.

I've been job-hunting since the middle of January, and it's been a less-than-satisfying experience.

First, my industry is health insurance, which is having its own problems right now. Second, my most marketable skillset is intimate knowledge with the ANSI X12N transaction sets. It's a fairly small sub-group, but it's important. HIPAA law required that all but the smallest healthcare providers submit claims electronically, and those claims must be in an approved ANSI X12N format. Essentially, I can look at a file and see the paper claim the doctor intended. I know a bunch of other boring technical stuff involving remittance advice, claims status, and so on, but I figure you get the picture. It's not really a hot industry.

I do like it, though. It appeals to some weird geek gene I have, some love of puzzle-solving. If something fails, I can obsessively go through the process to find the problem. I enjoy it.

So, I was up for a job locally as well as on just outside of Boston. I interviewed for the local job and thought I blew it. But today my recruiter called and said, "They loved you. However, for the job they were hiring for they were looking for someone who had experience with multiple huge projects, and they didn't think you could ramp up as quickly as they needed. BUT, they really like you and heard great things about you, so they want to keep your resume on file and bring you in again. They are waiting to get approval for several other positions in the company."


This afternoon, I was struck by a need to shop. This happens rarely, so I went on out to shop. Ended up in the store Tuesday Morning (knockdown prices on expensive crap for your house) and was just wandering around to see what they had. They had a LOT of stuff. As I was wandering through, looking for a vanity tray, my cell rang. It was Bob, my recruiter from New England. I might add that he is the ONLY recruiter in New England who doesn't think I'm a lunatic for wanting to leave Florida. (I told him the truth; I'm tired of feeling overheated from May until December.)

The company in New England with the position that was PERFECT for me is losing its senior guy, so now they want all of the stuff from the job description, plus ten years' experience!

People don't stay in ANSI for ten years. They either move on to something like project management or they go bonkers and their friends can visit them twice a week in the nice asylum.

That was pretty much what Bob said, so he's keeping my resume to the fore for when they realize that there aren't many ANSI geeks with ten years' experience under their belt (helloooo, I have, what is it now, six?). Bob's also going to keep an eye out for other stuff that he can send me over for.

But, really. Two rejections in on day? Come on, cut me some slack here!

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