Saturday, March 29, 2008

I have Roses!

I've got blooms already on my roses. I'm pretty happy with them, and also with the photos (which I took myself). Photos were all taken in my bedroom, which has an interesting wall colour on it -- it's grey-green sometimes, and slate blue sometimes.

First up, the double-delight rosas (left). They're a hardy, short shrub that area at least partly crossed with wild "beach roses" in the area. They're fairly small blooms in this age of Grandifloras, but they are very pretty and last well. And I haven't managed to kill them!

I like this pic (below) -- it's my beach roses in their spot, on great-great-grandma's dresser, sitting next to carnival glass (including the one I keep my everyday jewelry in):

Next up is a Grandiflora called Cary Grant. It's said that his wife was involved with developing it. The photo doesn't capture the lovely variations of colour within the flower -- it ranges from a pale peach through deep coral. It also has a lovely spicy-fruity smell.

I love this photo -- the slate blue wall makes the color of the roses just pop.

On Sunday I'll be back in the garden, keeping away from renegade spiders and snakes. Last year I had a centipede bite and a spider bite; I don't want to start this year with a snake bite. Even a "harmless" garden snake will get you sent to the hospital and put on drugs. Oh, and snakes are oogie. Mammals are fine, but not snakes:

Badger, badger, badger, badger, A SNAKE! A snake!, Ooooh, it's snaaaaake! Oh no, a SNAAAAKE!

Actually, I have to go to the garden center on Sunday. I'm looking for a few more roses, and will let my eye and nose guide me. But...I wonder how many women they've seen in there wearing denim shorts and wellies? Wellies aren't worn much here in Florida. I guess everyone is okay with wet, muddy shoes. Go figure. I may have to make a fashion statement there. Green wellies, denim shorts, and my Irish rugby team t-shirt. Yeah.


  1. OK--WTF was the badger bit all about. And yes, don't get another centipede bite.

  2. Internet meme?

    If I get another centipede bite, I'm going to be planting fake flowers in my yard.

  3. But have you seen the Tolkien version?

    a. ;)