Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter

You know, there were a few things I wanted in my Easter basket this year, and they didn't include chocolate. Example:

John Barrowman. It's Torchwood's fault. For one, he drives a cool black SUV. And Torchwood has a truly neato underground bunker/office/alien jail. As Captain Jack Harkness, he saves the world, he battles aliens, and he gets to use really, really big guns. And he does it while wearing a WWII-era officer's greatcoat:

Now, I'd also take David Tennant in his "tenth Doctor" role on Doctor Who:

I mean, really. How can you not go "nummeh!"? The one is as swashbuckling as they come, and the other is every geeky girl's dream smart-save-the-day guy.

But, no. I got a rosebush and some Cadbury eggs instead. *sigh*

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