Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unemployment, Part Deux

You know, I've been applying for every single job out there that I'm qualified for. I'm considering interviewing for a job with a company that I don't like too much, so I have a damn job. (The company isn't horrible, I just didn't like them much when I temped there.)

But I'll tell you, Florida's unemployment people don't make it any easier.

First, I had to attend a seminar where they could discuss all the great things they have for the unemployed. Which is great, except that it's really geared toward non-"professional"-level people. They asked how many of us have a resume, for God's sake.

Today, I got a form letter asking for additional information. It doesn't really say what additional information they want beyond "the reason for the job seperation [sic] (include the individual who informed you of your seperation [sic], and the reason that was given to you)". I called, and I got the Unemployment employee's voice mail -- it seems that she only works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 8 until 4.

Must. Be. Nice.

To add to it, in one part of the form letter, they say they must hear from me within five days (which makes my deadline the 24th). In another part of the letter, they say the deadline is 3/26.

And, not only did they misspell "separation" throughout the document, but there is no city, state, or ZIP code on the letterhead. If one of my staff sent a letter like that out, I'd have their head on a pike.

I'm pissed off about this "we want more information." I'm playing the game according to rules. I'm looking for work and documenting it. I'm going to unemployment's stupid seminars. So just pay out my biweekly pittance to help keep things afloat, okay? I've paid taxes at a depressingly high rate since I was fourteen years old, and only once did I use any kind of social service -- and that after being fired illegally in 2006. So they can just kiss my fat, white ass.

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