Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home from Iraq

Today, I got the best email I've had in a long time. My cousin emailed me and said that she's coming home from Iraq in less than a month.

I'm so happy. I've been really worried for her. She's a little younger than I, and since I still feel about 23 I think of her as 18 or 20. Too young. Plus, she's a blonde American female in a part of the world that doesn't like Americans or women in positions of power (or with large automatic weapons). Her job doesn't allow her to be on the back lines -- not that there are any in this war. She's been out there with the guys. And that scared the crap out of me.

But she's in a pretty good place now, fairly safe, and it sounds like she is on base most of the time.

And she's coming home to her husband and daughter. This really is the best news I've had for ages.

*happy dance*

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