Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Job Hunt

Since the New Year celebrations are about over (though a lot of people won't get back to the office until next Monday), it's time for me to stop mucking about and begin my job hunt again.

Until last Friday, I was a contract employee, a business analyst with a mid-sized dental insurance company. I enjoyed the work and really liked my coworkers and boss, but the jobs that were available full-time weren't where I wanted to go professionally. I also would've had to take a large salary cut. I decided that I didn't want to settle since I'd feel some low-level resentment if I did, so I opted to not apply.

As a result, it's back to the rounds. Updating the resume, searching job boards, taking calls from recruiters. Some of them have jobs, some just want you in their database. Some of them don't read your profile and call you with jobs far, far away. No, thanks, I don't want to relocate to Kansas for six months.

I'm having the worst time putting my former job into resume-speak. Maybe I should have a glass of wine to facilitate authoring in the dominant workplace communication paradigm... blah-blah-friggin'-blah.

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