Sunday, December 30, 2007

NORAD and serviceperson prove Santa's existence

On Christmas Eve, NORAD tracked Santa, and my dad and nephew were online watching Santa deliver presents around the world.

My nephew is eight years old, and eight seems to be when doubt creeps in for most kids. The NORAD tracking was proof, though, because he still trusts what he sees online.

At one point in the evening, Santa made his delivery to Iraq. My nephew, though young, knows where Iraq is because our cousin is there (Hi, Jen!). Not an hour after Santa was shown on NORAD making deliveries to Iraq, my cousin emailed photos of her in BDUs with Santa Claus.

And the boy's eyes got huge.

When bedtime came, my nephew didn't argue or complain or try to stay up later. He went right to bed, because he knew that Santa was coming. He'd seen Santa's sleigh on NORAD, and then saw a photo of him with his cousin in Iraq, and that was enough for him.

Hope everyone's Christmas was as wonder-filled.

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  1. Hello Heather

    It was wonderous. It was quiet, the house was warm, and the cats were happy.

    Welcome to Blog.